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One of Us Is Lying Review

 One of Us Is Lying by 

However, the murderer is predictable and I guessed it about half way through. This being said, I liked how we got there. Little seeds were sprinkled throughout the book and it really allowed the reader to piece it together. Although, toward the very end things move quite fast and we do get a lot of information handed to us at once. 

The idea of this book is great. The thing that really ruined it for me is that the Bayview Four weren't particularly memorable. You may have noticed that I keep referring to the main characters as "the four" and that's because for the life of me I can't remember their names and this was a constant problem for me reading. Everyone kind of blurred into one character. Another problem for me involving the main characters is the handling of sexual identity and how it was used for a quick plot twist. If this had been developed more instead of mentioned at the end of the book, I would have enjoyed it more as what happens briefly in the book does happen in the real world. 

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One of Us Is Lying has an interesting plot but doesn't have the characters to support it. This book has a slow start and a predictable outcome but has a nice ending that rounds everything up leaving no unanswered questions. This book would have been a lot better if it had stuck to the murder mystery it is. Some of the plot twists and secrets revealed really saved this book for me and if you like a good murder story I would recommend it. 

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